Portland State University - Department of Geology

David C. Percy

Research Faculty, GeoData / GIS Manager

Geographical Information Systems, Spatial Data Analysis, Computer Applications in the Earth Sciences,
Web-GIS, Computer Networking, Multi-User Databases, Field Applications of Technology

PhD in progress, ESR/Geology, anticipated completion 2007
B.S., 1999, Portland State University; Geology Major, Economics Minor

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Department of Geology
Portland State University
P.O. Box 751
Portland OR 97207-0751
Portland State University
Department of Geology
Room 17 Cramer Hall
1721 SW Broadway
Portland, OR 97201


PSU Geologic Data Clearinghouse

Current Research

Southwest Washington Coastal Erosion

Seagrant -Coastal Dune Mapping

Glacier Inventory of US

Geomicrobiology Databases

Pacific NW Natural Resources

Courses Developed

GIS for the Natural Sciences

Field GIS

GIS and GeoScience for K-12 Teachers

Partial Employment History

1998- Present: Research Faculty - PSU Dept of Geology. GeoData Manager; GIS curriculum development; Research activities in Coastal GIS, Glacier GIS, general geological research support. Web - GIS development, Lab and Field Information Management Systems (LIMS).

1991 - 1997 Systems Manager - Vascular Surgery Division, OHSU - Responsible for databases, networks, and web development; Support for clinical research issues, including statistical analysis. Custom multi-user database development and programming.

1989 - 1991 Research Assistant - Sleep and Mood Disorders, OHSU - Instrument interfacing for remote research (handheld computers with custom hardware). Project team lead on product development, including electrical engineering coordination.

1986 - 1989 Systems Manager - Good Samaritan Hospital Neurology Department- Hardware and software coordination; Database programming; Instrument interfacing; Hardware repair; Research computing support.

1986 - Present Computer Consultant - Independant consulting for small businesses, medical organizations, and research groups, focusing mainly on database development and web applications (CGI and PHP/MySQL).

1986 Research Consultant – Pharmaco-Kinetic modeling for Dr Dennis Avery, understanding overdose dynamics through mathematical modeling of compartments.

1984 - 1989 Research Assistant - Database programming in a clinical research environment investigating neurological disorders. Statistical analysis of data, preparation of data for publication.



Fountain, AG., Granshaw, FD., Percy, DC. 2001. Geographic Information System for Glacier Change. Poster presentation at GIS for Glacier Monitoring conference.

Percy, DC, Peterson, CP, Cowell, PJ. 2000 Data Integration and GIS.Southwest Washington Coastal Erosion Report.

Percy, DC. Geologic Data GIS.1999 Southwest Washington Coastal Erosion Report.

Percy, DC. et al. 1998. Geochemical stratigraphy of the Missoula Flood Rhythmites. Proceedings of the Cordilleran Section Geological Society of America.

Osgood D, Blanchard JM, Percy DC, Carlson C, Sack RL. Development of behavioral response monitor for sleep based on a palm-top computer. Sleep Res 1993; 22:377.

Blood ML, Sack RL, Percy DC, Pen JC. A comparison of sleep detection by wrist actigraphy, behavioral response, and polysomnography. Sleep 1997; 20(6)388-395.


In Progress or In Press

Reckendorf, Peterson, Percy. Duneridges of Clatsop County. Oregon Department of Mining and Geology Open-File-Report.

Curt D. Peterson, David R. Qualman, Oscar Sorenson, Sandy Vanderburg, David Percy , Robert A. Morton, James B. Phipps, VIBRACORE STUDY OF LATE-HOLOCENE SEDIMENT IN WILLAPA BAY AND GRAYS HARBOR ESTUARY, WASHINGTON, USA U.S. Geological Survey Open File Report

CORRELATION OF SHOREFACE RETREAT SCARPS, FOREDUNE RIDGES, AND LATE-HOLOCENE SHORELINE AGES IN THE COLUMBIA RIVER LITTORAL CELL, WASHINGTON-OREGON, USA SSWB WORKSHOP 2000, OLYMPIA, WA Peterson, Curt., Harry Jol, David Percy , James Phipps, Frank Reckendorf, Sandy Vanderburgh, and Lorraine Woxell. U.S. Geological Survey Open File Report

Musical Projects

Shandies - Guitar and vocals

Pokey Twig (looking for post-MP3.com site) - Mandolin, Banjo, Guitar, Hand drums

Dance Pants (now on pdxbands.com) - Drum-kit


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FAX: 503.725.3025
Office (Nancy Eriksson) 503.725.3022

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